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How are folks finding good jobs?


The best way to gauge what is working in job search/career advancement is to talk to:

1)      Hiring managers or senior recruiters that are hiring and

2)      Folks who, recently, successfully landed or transitioned into a desirable job.

Based on recent conversations with numerous folks in both categories, Career Brander shares the following observations:

  • Referrals remain the number one way folks land mid or senior level jobs.  Additionally, for the best jobs, there is a strong correlation that  the transitioning candidate had a previous direct work relationship with someone affiliated to the hiring company. (Make sure you keep your relationships fresh, no matter how old your contact with ex co-workers may be. Do not wait until you need a favor!)
  • Recruiters are still playing a very active role in hiring mid or senior level roles. However, the trend at larger companies is to rely on internal recruiters as opposed to external. (Have you mined LinkedIn for the internal recruiters at your target companies?)
  • LinkedIn is becoming the central mining database for candidates. (Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile?  Have you affiliated with the right groups?)
  • Specialized niche research is growing. The Internet, but primarily Google, is becoming a more central research platform for recruiters and hiring managers. Online identity is gaining in importance. Candidates need to take control and manage their online identity.  In a strange way, you are what Google says you are. Secondarily, be sure to be active and visible in key trade organizations for your specialized skill set.
  • Job Boards continue to lose market share in terms of being the avenue to secure a mid or high level job.  That said, they remain quite efficient for core supporting or entry level job opportunities.
  • Lastly, for the recent college graduates, it is more important than ever to get into Intern programs and start building your networks as well as developing a base understanding of the corporate world.  This will lead to a successful accelerated job search.

Hope these tips help you in your career branding and career advancement.


Job Search Data & Career Branding Tips


The data doesn’t lie; it is all how you interpret it.

The hiring malaise continues, but some signs of life have emerged. Below are some interesting data points I have seen in various career and human resource trade magazines, websites and blogs over the December holidays.

  • There will be over 15 million unemployed US works seeking jobs in January.  That is a staggering number.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported job postings are currently at about 4.7 million, which, if true, is just about the highest number in 3 years.
  • If you are seeking a position that pays over $200,000 or more, there is an 80% chance it will never reach a job board or company website.
  • Approximately 80% of all companies in the US utilize LinkedIn on some level when recruiting new personnel.  (This one came from a vendor selling social network recruiting software so be careful.)
  • LinkedIn is approaching 100 million users.
  • Over 80% of all firms with over 250 employees utilize applicant tracking software.  The trick is to get your resume read by a hiring manager.  If you are lucky enough to get it in their hands, 18% claim to only look at it for 30 seconds or less while 38 percent will look at it for up to one minute.
  • Healthcare and Medical positions represent over 30% of all job postings currently on  job boards.
  • AT&T, Sears and IBM  advertised the most open positions in 2010.
  • Thinking of warmer weather? New government statistics say Brazil has record employment levels — and even shortages of workers in some sectors.

Five Career Branding reminders for 2011:

  1. Stay positive and work hard at your personal brand. No one else is going to do it for you.
  2. A well written resume is very important in your job search, but very unlikely to be a top reason you get a particular job.
  3. Leverage technology in everything you do.
  4. Online identity matters.  Utilize the following to take control of your Internet Brand: a personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs and Vizibility.
  5. Every successful company thinks through how their solution helps the purchaser.  Approach your job search with this same frame of mind.


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