Brand Awareness – Hitting the bulls eye!

What if you were able to tell 1000 people tomorrow that you are looking for a new job?



Would they know how to help you?

How important is awareness that you are seeking employment if your audience is not familiar or loyal to your     brand?

There are basically two types of people

1)      Those that know what you do and how well you do it.

2)      And those that are unfamiliar with your core competencies and track record.

You need to tailor your message to both. You then need to think through how will you mobilize both constituencies to drive your cause.

To mobilize others, you need to be clear as to your positioning and what you want.  You then need to make it as easy as possible for others to put forward your candidacy.

Salespeople face this all the time and are constantly building ROI’s or writing business case justifications on behalf of their clients and prospects.  They also provide ‘white papers’ to defend their track record with proven results including past experiences.  The same rigor and techniques should be used in job search.

Are you making it easy for others to be your brand ambassadors?

Are you very clear on what your brand is or are you copying others LinkedIn profiles in hopes of masquerading as someone else?

Specificity is the key in this day and age.

  • Are you sales or are you marketing?
  • Are you manufacturing operations or are you quality control?
  • Are you a team leader or an individual contributor? 

It is very hard to get hired today without a clear brand.   One of the biggest traps job seekers fall into is to position as a generalist/jack of all trades who is good at a lot of things.  Too many resumes, cover letters and online profiles suggest individuals are good at multiple disciplines, when in reality most people are good at one or maybe two.  How many people have literally led an engineering team that developed new protocols while also running quality testing? Or, Truly ran sales teams while also running product development?

Focus in on what your brand is. Be realistic and honest.  Then reinforce it with others.

If it’s real, when you get the opportunity to tell 1000 people, your brand, will be meaningful and lead to a great outcome.

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