Career Opportunities: Do you have a good pipeline?

In business, revenue is a lagging indicator.  In career movement, one could suggest, that having a job, is a lagging indicator too.

What really defines sales is the process leading to a “booking”.  By the time revenue flows in post booking, all the branding, marketing, messaging, positioning, meetings, reference checking and negotiations are already completed.

What really defines career branding and job search, is how you manage your activities every day.  It is not purely being employed equals success and being unemployed equal’s failure.

You can look at the funnel below and see a simplistic version of both a sales and marketing funnel side by side.  To find your next great career opportunity, it is part marketing, and part sales.


Ask yourself:

  • Are you creating awareness for your personal brand?
  • Are you constantly prospecting?
  • Are you qualifying where you spend your time judiciously?
  • Are you aligning your value proposition to those of the companies you are targeting?
  • Are you constantly nurturing your pipeline to ensure you are first to mind when opportunities & time lines align?

In sales and marketing a common prospecting measurement is called BANT, which stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline.  Companies prospecting for new clients constantly profile their opportunities for BANT.

Are you utilizing such a filter for your prospecting?

Does the prospective company have a budgeted open position?

Are you talking to the actual person hiring or do you even know who that is?

Is there a clear business need to justify the position?

Are they going to hire soon?

Lastly, companies always wonder what the optimum pipeline size is.  Too many prospects, suggests poor BANT and wasted cycles of time.  Too few prospects, suggests the need for more rigorous effort including: more cold calls, more emails and most importantly, more face to face meetings.

Ask yourself, how is your pipeline heading into 2013? 


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