Make your resume resonate!



What makes someone an expert at career branding or job search?

What makes someone an expert at anything?

From Wikipedia:

An expert (generally) is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.


We recently heard about some new, cool sounding technology from a company called Resunate. (We have not tested the Resunate software, but we did do some due diligence, and they appear to be a high quality organization.)

According to the Resunate website:

 Resunate is a product of Careerimp, Inc.  At Careerimp, we strive to “Make it Easy to be the Easy Hire”. We started by tackling resumes knowing they are often the most influential first impression one can make. But, sadly, this importance is often overlooked by job seekers. As a result, due to a series of resume myths, some of the most qualified candidates jeopardize their chances of getting called for an interview.

In looking at the Resunate service offering, they’ve created a pretty interesting concept of reverse engineering key search terms that are commonly used in Applicant Tracking Software. By utilizing their service job applicants can increase their likelihood of having their resume reviewed by a recruiter or hiring manager. Compelling? Absolutely.

Our position on resumes, key words, and Applicant Tracking Software has not changed much in two years.  (See our position on the role of resumes from a 2009 Brazen Careerist article.)

Here is an excerpt from our article:

Today, the resume is not dead, nor is it about to die in the near future. I would argue is not even sick. The resume remains the central document in an individual’s personal marketing for career transition. Have your resume ready to go and make sure it is specifically targeted to the position you are applying for. If submitting to job boards, make certain you have embedded the proper keywords and tagged correctly for optimal search results. There are many great job search and persona branding technologies and tricks to leverage. In this ultra competitive job market it is critical to utilize them all when personal marketing in a web 2.0 world!

As you can see, CareerBrander supports the Resunate core value proposition.

However, we do think there is a dangerous trap for job seekers to avoid.

The trap is based on CareerBrander’s extensive knowledge, research and experience.

The trap: Rarely do job candidates secure their next job through blind submission of their resume through Applicant Tracking Software. More often, successful candidates secure interviews through other means.

Resunate states, resumes are the most influential first impression one can make. Career Brander would challenge this statement. Most job seekers spend too much time “engineering their resume” versus networking and marketing their brand on and off line.  We agree and do recommend resumes should be intelligently tailored and Resunate appears to be a great new option to help.  However, job seekers need to be cognizant to focus their time on:

1.      Direct face to face networking & search activity to build a relationship network.

2.       Optimizing their personal messaging so that it is highly persuasive.

3.      Building their personal brand so they are thought of earlier in the job search process so as to avoid using their resume as the most influential first impression.

Unemployment remains high and to secure your next job, focus on the above so you can position yourself for consideration much earlier in the hiring process.  If possible, you want to avoid “bake off time” created through job postings and online resume submissions.

Resunate’s technology can help you get an edge in the job search process, so by all means use it!  However, be sure to spend your time on the 3 real dial movers listed above.


Lastly, remember, people do not always buy based on the best price or features, they buy on perceived value.  Hiring managers are no different. Do not under estimate the importance of personal marketing in a web 2.0 world!


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