Eight Fundamentals of Job Search


Recently, I received a book written by Sam Parker and Jim Gould called Sales Tough.  It was a gift from Chris Turnley.  Sam and Jim have done a magnificent job of breaking down the key fundamentals it takes to be successful in sales.  I’ve read dozens of books on selling and very few have summarized, so well, in so few words.

… and what does this have to do with Career Marketing and Personal Branding?  Simple, the same principles apply to a successful job search.  Here are the books eight fundamentals as applied to job search.

Fundamental #1Time Management

You must leverage the working hours as your key direct networking communication time. All other activities are background noise. You know what needs to be done, so do not procrastinate or wait for it to happen. You need to make it happen.

Fundamental #2– Activity matters

It’s a numbers game. You need to build a job opportunity funnel, just like a salesperson builds a prospect funnel. Days should start at 7am and end early evening. Your time is your most valuable asset.  It is also the most valuable asset of the folks you are trying to reach, so be prompt, respectful and efficient.

Fundamental #3A Contact Sport

Your day starts  with your first conversation and ends with your last conversation.  Email is important, but is only a form of paperwork. Minimize non-selling/job search activities. Meet face to face.

Fundamental #4Opening Statement

Everyone thinks elevator pitch, but in reality it’s the first few words that serve as “The Grabber” to get your prospects attention, or not!

Fundamental #5 Network – it’s about who you know

Networking is formal and informal. It never ends and the more you embrace it and drive it, the more successful job search you will have.

Fundamental #6 ABC, the cliché, Always Be Closing

A good close is all about making a concise statement that is personalized to the hiring manager. It should resonate that by bringing you on board, you will make the hiring manager more successful by, removing a pain, or executing on an opportunity, that is currently being unmet.

Fundamental #7It’s not about you

Do not discuss your personal issues associated with unemployment or other challenging aspects of your life.  Focus on how you can make the interviewers life better. Career marketing is not about your problems but rather the answers you bring to others problems.

Fundamental #8The value in hiring you

  • Make yourself exciting, somehow create a personal buzz
  • Communicate you are a team player
  • Create a message that the hiring manager does not want to compete against you because you are that good.
  • Be front of mind as a referral by everyone in your network.

Although Gould and Parker wrote about how to be Sales Tough, the same principles apply to the fundamentals of job search.  You need to be Job Search Tough.


1 Response to “Eight Fundamentals of Job Search”

  1. 1 Bart Surrick February 22, 2011 at 1:41 am


    I like the way you translate the Sales Process to the Personal Sales Process of Job Seeking. A natural connection. What should make this an even more compelling read is when the job seeker is looking for a Business Development role.

    You’ve got me interested in reading Sales Tough.


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