Branch Out your Job Search


“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”


For the job seeker, people and technology are your friends, but, be careful, friends need to be selected carefully and nurtured properly.

During a job search, networking is one of the most critical components and the process begins with support from your friends. Job search can feel like a time of crisis and in times of crisis, your true friends step up and help you.

Our regular readers know we’ve consistently recommended leveraging your friends and business associates by aggressively utilizing the power of LinkedIn technology.  It remains our preferred social network to accelerate job search networking.  As of this article, membership has risen to over 75 million profiles and, any individual, with a few hundred connections, can literally find entry points into thousands and thousands of companies.

So, what would happen if FaceBook finally devised a way to unleash “the career networking power of LinkedIn” for it’s 500 million user base?  We are about to find out.

An innovative start up called Branch Out has created a FaceBook application that literally attempts to mimic most of the high value job search features of LinkedIn.  Just like LinkedIn, Branch Out allows the professionally oriented FaceBook user to network and connect with friends; as well as friends of friends.  The application thus allows job seekers to mine their way into companies they are targeting for career opportunities. Like LinkedIn, job seekers utilizing Branch Out can also use the application to post and find job openings.

LinkedIn has already proven the world appreciates linking career oriented executives and social networking. Branch Out’s success and power for job seekers will really come down to a few key points.

1)      Will FaceBook users accept crossing the paradigm from a “Friend Platform” to a “Business Platform”?

2)      Can the application gain viral acceptance?

3)      Will FaceBook’s younger demographics provide proper leverage to get to older hiring managers?

Despite some data that has touted FaceBook as a job search platform, we have never been bullish on FaceBook as compared to LinkedInBranch Out may alter our position.

Career Brander has posted several articles on things to consider with regards to LinkedIn and a professional job search.

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