Search thousands of job postings instantly


Search thousands of jobs instantly is a common tag line for job boards and job site search engines.

Is searching thousands of jobs the right job search strategy?

We often talk about best-fit targeting.  It is a central component of our recommended job search techniques. Career Brander’s Job Search Radar technology, basically automates best-fit targeting for the job candidate.

What is best-fit targeting?

It is identifying the companies that have a much higher likelihood of leading to a hiring match for a job candidate. If you are an expert at “making donuts” in Maryland, the Fortune 500 tire manufacturer in Oregon is not a good target for your job search.

Typically a best-fit targeted company will be:

1) geographically desirable (have offices near your home),

2)focus on your domain expertise (sell a product or service that you are extremely familiar with), and

3) be of proper scale in terms of corporate size to potentially need a person in the role that you desire (revenue, growth and employee count).

The most obvious place to start identifying best-fit companies is by focusing on the direct and indirect competitors of your last employer. Career Brander’s Job Search Radar, through its intelligent corporate database can help with this identification process. Alternatively, the Internet also provides plenty of resources to help.

Here are two other examples of how this might work:

1)      If an individual in career transition goes to Yahoo finance and puts their last company into the Enter company field and then clicks on competitors, the system will identify the firm’s direct competitors.

2)      If an individual goes to LinkedIn and clicks on the company module and then inserts the name of their last employer, the system will immediately show the 3 or 4 most common companies for career paths for that employer.  By then hitting the “show more” tab, a much more extensive list will be provided.

Why is this approach critical to a successful job search?

By focusing on best-fit targeting, individuals will accelerate their networking, increase their opportunities and definitely improve their close ratio.  Quite simply, companies would prefer to hire individuals that do not require relocation, require less new training and bring both job function and domain expertise.

Have you built your list of targeted best-fit companies?  It’s a better job search strategy than searching thousands of Internet job postings. Optimize your job search by building a quality list of best-fit target companies and focus on your networking and personal marketing with these firms.


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