March Madness-The road to your next job


At this time of year, every year, college basketball hosts a 64(65) team tournament to decide who is this years NCAA basketball champion.  Both large and small colleges/universities participate.  Upsets are common place. (Watch for Temple this year!) Fan interest goes well beyond the regular college basketball fans.  The tournament has become so popular it is estimated it costs the US economy almost $2 billion in loss work productivity because of employee “bracket contests” and the fact that many games take place during normal working hours.

The NCAA and television have done a great job marketing this event.  The words March Madness, The Big Dance, and  The Road to the Final Four have become extremely well-known tag lines and brands for every college basketball fan. We all wish we could create personal brands as memorable and powerful as these!

So how is this relevant to job search?

For those of you that follow the tournament, here are twenty things you can learn from March Madness about a job search campaign:

  • There are Cinderella stories, but you need to be invited to the dance.
  • To get invited to the dance requires hard work, leveraging the skills of those around you and perseverance.
  • Past individual accomplishments are less important than the actions of today.
  • There are officials making subjective calls that sometimes seem wrong, but you must respect their authority, act professional, and move forward.
  • Managing the clock is a very important piece of the strategy.
  • Sometimes the path to victory is not the obvious one.
  • Know your strengths and construct a game plan to leverage them.
  • Look, pass, dribble.  If you put your head down and just go to the hoop you may miss easier opportunities that are being presented.
  • It is definitely worth taking a few long shots, but the game is usually won on the short shots.
  • Good coaching usually makes a difference.
  • Sometimes you can see when a player or team just “wants it more” and it does make a difference.
  • Tenacity and resilience are critical skills for success.
  • Block out the noise and focus on the task at hand.
  • Respect that your opponent is very good.
  • You need to win today before you worry about tomorrow.
  • Good preparation makes a big difference in the outcome. Practicing is a winner’s habit.
  • At the end of every game, a great team has lost.
  • Virtually everyone playing in the tourney will need to find a job in the next few years.
  • Any company buying NCAA tournament TV commercial time has money to hire new employees.


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