How do you get hiring managers to remember you?


How do you present yourself to create powerful recall?

How do you improve your chances of the hiring manager thinking of you for an open position?

Recall diminishes over time, so a personal marketing campaign to ‘stay front of mind’ is critical. However, be sure your personal campaign includes in person contact, telephonic connections, and written communication.

Consider some generally accepted facts about human recall.

  • If it is read, most people will recall 10-15%.
  • If it is heard, most people will recall 20-25%.
  • If it is seen, most people will recall 30-35%.
  • If it seen and heard, recall jumps to 60%.
  • If it is seen, read and heard, recall jumps to over 80%.

Now ask yourself, are you being seen, read and heard in your job search

Are you utilizing all the personal marketing tools available to be seen, read and heard?

Job Search Radar provides you with the daily business intelligence to execute a meaningful personal marketing campaign that can incorporate all three communication recall mediums.

Be read, be heard, be seen and you will find work faster.


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