Is LinkedIn the best job board?


As our readership knows, we do not encourage job seekers to dedicate any meaningful job search time to “surfing” job boards. Career Brander advocates a much more targeted job search campaign that focuses on,personal branding, best-fit target companies, data mining, networking  and establishing web spiders through tools that help uncover the hidden job market, such as Job Search Radar.

However, despite our recommendations, millions of unemployed folks, as well as gainfully employed individuals, visit job board sites every day.  Clearly, visiting job boards creates some feeling of accomplishment despite the statistics clearly supporting very few people ever find their next job by applying to job board postings.  So if you are one of the millions of job board visitors, we thought we might share a few perspectives on the job board market.

There are now over 10,000 job boards on the Internet and the numbers are growing daily.  We’ve actually read data that there are over 40,000 depending on your definition of a job board.  How can this be?  Creating job boards has never been easier. For under $1000 ANYONE, can buy software that allows you to create your own job board in about 48 hours.  When the cost of entry in terms of time and money gets that low, the market gets over saturated.

The market is still dominated by a few mega-boards, in particular, Monster(Hot Jobs) and Career Builder.  There are also dozens of job listing aggregators that are gaining traffic, including Indeed, Simply Hired and Linkup.  These aggregators offer a higher utility, but we still only recommend using them for their automated alert features and nothing more.

So who do  we believe  is the best job board? LinkedIn.  Yes , it is much more than a traditional job board and perhaps unfair to designate it the best job board.  However, it clearly offers job postings and  its added value beyond the listings easily makes it the best website to accelerate  job search opportunities for professional positions.

We recently  read a blog posting saying that in the last 18 months, Barclays, the mega bank from London, hired 10% of all their employees via LinkedIn. If true, this is an amazing statistic and truly speaks to LinkedIn’s emergence as the top job search website destination. We have to admit, we are not overly surprised by LinkedIn’s success.  LinkedIn offers recruiters the ability to mine candidates  for free.  The community now has almost 60 million profiles and the cost for corporations to post jobs on LinkedIn is half the price of the major job boards.

LinkedIn continues to grow at a pace of almost 1 million new members per month. If one were to extrapolate, it clearly is becoming the social network of choice for businesses, and thus its reign as the top job search website destination is just beginning.


LinkedIn keeps adding features each month, but here are a few new one’s we’d ask our readership to send to LinkedIn for consideration. Just hit send us your feedback at the bottom of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • Allow individuals to have sub categories of industry.  As an example, if you sell stock trading systems software to Wall Street firms, you should be able to choose your industry as software and your sub industry as financial services or capital markets.
  • Create the ability to view your contacts through visual mapping by geography and industry.
  • Integrate the Search Me function into their applications.
  • Provide more robust search analytics.  Why not tell people what type of searches their profile is attracting?
  • Consider a new recommendation system.  In its current set up, it’s too much you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.  There needs to be some sort of advance ranking system that allows for a 360 degree review profile by co-workers on an anonymous level.

1 Response to “Is LinkedIn the best job board?”

  1. 1 Harpreet Singh Chadha June 15, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    The question is Do we really consider it to be a job-board ? Its considered to be a professional networking site. Job-board comes as an add-on.

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