Job Interviewing: Top Ten Traits Hiring Managers Are Looking For


You’ve secured the interview.

You’ve got your full complement of personal marketing materials:  Business Cards, extra resumes, and other visual collateral that demonstrates your accomplishments and value.

You will be given 30 minutes with the hiring manager, and you are wondering how much to talk and how much to listen.

You are asking yourself; beyond fulfilling the job description duties, what is the hiring manager looking for in the candidate they plan to hire.

Here are 10 traits that almost every hiring manager is looking for when adding talent to their team.  These traits will not necessarily be listed in any job description, but they are simply qualities that managers desire in their workforce.

  1. Enthusiasm- It’s contagious and employers want employees that are excited about the firm, the job and the overall opportunity.
  2. Motivation- No firm wants an unmotivated workforce.  Convey to the prospective employer that you are self driven.
  3. Integrity- Ethics and high personal values are always a key hiring trait.
  4. Resilience- Do you demonstrate perseverance or are you a complainer when tasks or goals are tough?
  5. Ability to learn- Every job requires some level of new training. Can you articulate and provide examples of your ability to self improve?
  6. Self Awareness- Are you grounded? Do you truly understand where you fit in the corporate hierarchy and are you honest as well as realistic about your skill set.
  7. Pride- Do you value your work product or are you punching the clock and collecting the check?
  8. Task Accomplisher- Talk is cheap and actually can slow progress. Quite simply, managers want employees that get stuff done!
  9. Technologically Comfortable- There is virtually no job that does not touch technology on some level. Candidates must communicate comfort with technology. Comfort is very different from expertise.
  10. Logical- It’s hard to argue with logic. If you can demonstrate some level of deductive reasoning, it typically resonates with hiring managers. Clearly communicate you have strong “common sense”.

Before you go to your next interview, think about how you are going to convey these traits.  If you can demonstrate them, you will have a much more successful job search. Good Luck!


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