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We are in a world of constant connectivity and endless communities. Open platforms to publish instantly, consistently and with large distribution.  We are digesting more and more information, some good, some not so good.   Distributive content is changing our lives.

 The last figure I read was that the world now has over 200 million blogs and 80% of all Internet users read blogs. Have you started your blog?

Many personal branding thought leaders feel a blog is a necessary central component of personal branding. I’m not so sure.

 First, most of us are not gifted writers, including your humble author. Thus, it may not be the best medium to drive your personal brand.

 Second, the rules of blogging seem to require the consistent delivery of new content.  Do individuals always have something news worthy to write about?  I’ve discussed this with several, successful, well known, bloggers and it is amazing how hard they work to find new topics and new angles on old topics to keep publishing. Are you committed to publish daily or weekly?

Third, the idea that we all should be blogging to demonstrate our thought leadership specific to our personal brand seems like a stretch. Do you have that many original thoughts, specific to your area of expertise?

Think about career branding.  How many blogs do you read on this topic, and how many are really valuable to you? Are there that many original thoughts on how to position “you” to find a job?  According to Technocrati, a service that tracks blogs, there are 1700 blogs that write about personal marketing. (Even more on job search and other related topics)  If on average, each personal marketing blog publishes twice a week, that’s 170,000 articles a year on personal marketing. How many of these articles, actually increase your chances of finding your next position faster?

In previous postings, I have emphasized, job seekers should minimize the time they spend on job boards.  Today, I am suggesting two additional things related to time managment.

1)      Think long and hard before starting a personal blog to drive your personal brand.

2)      Spending too much time on the Internet blogging, or reading blogs, is  not a prudent use of time. (Unless blogging is literally your career.)

Since I have no other new wisdom to provide this week, let me offer several quotes from others that I think are probably more valuable than any advice I can give.  Apologies, the authors are unknown to me.

“In golf and in life, the follow through makes the difference.”

“Determination, patience and courage are the only things needed to improve any situation.”

“You need to do what the others won’t to achieve what the others don’t.”

“Insanity is doing the same thing, in the same way and expecting a different outcome.” (Albert Einstein is attributed with a similar, but different, quote.)

Think about your current job search and career marketing plan. Now reread the quotes. Get off the Internet and take action.  Time is your most valuable commodity.


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