The Hidden Job Market

As we enter 2010, Career Brander has the most comprehensive suite of Internet based job search tools of any career website.  We pride ourselves on being forward thinking in terms of Internet job search and we constantly monitor software services, trade magazines and blogs to identify new job seeker technology that can aid those in transition.   We also try to offer perspective that is fresh.  However, it is humbling at times to see that others have thought through perspectives, issues and opportunities years before you think you have “original ideas”.Over the year end holiday’s I found an article that served as one of those humbling moments. 

 I do not often think it is worthwhile to quote government websites, but below I am repurposing content from the Department of Labor’s website.  The fact that it was written 6 years ago, to me is even more amazing.     

Here is a snippet from the article that caught my attention:  “A chainsaw is great for cutting firewood. Use the tool the wrong way, however, and you could really hurt yourself. The Internet is like that for job seekers. It is a power tool. It can aid a job search or prolong joblessness, depending on how it is used.     

Before the birth of the Internet, savvy job seekers commonly did several things in an orderly manner to find employment. They prepared résumés, did research, contacted employers, engaged in networking, arranged interviews, and pursued job leads from many sources. Today’s savvy job seekers still engage in the same activities, but they add online methods to the traditional process.”   The article goes on to say:  “Employers fill the majority of job openings without advertising them. These unadvertised openings are called “the hidden job market.”     

“Hunting for jobs in the hidden market takes pluck. (definition below) It requires initiative, communication skills, resourcefulness, time management, perseverance, and research skills.” As I recently read the above, I could not think of a more appropriate segue for 2010 than to share these words with the readers of the Career Brander blog. We believe in these words and we also are passionate that Job Search Radar is the best tool available for job seekers to access the hidden job market.  


Merriam Webster’s third definition of the word pluck.    

 Pluck: courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds : dogged resolution  



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