Job Search Radar

This week, Career Brander is announcing a major expansion of our service model.  The new offering is called Job Search Radar. We believe Job Search Radar is the most sophisticated piece of job search technology available to the consumer market.

Job Search Radar provides individuals a better way to manage their job search.

Here is how it works:

1)      Candidates enter the geography, industry, company size and position they desire.  Job Search Radar than cross references this request with 20 million companies in the system and provides job seekers with a list of best fit-target companies.

2)      Job Search Radar than populates all target company information into a candidate’s job search dashboard. The dashboard is effectively a customer relationship management (CRM) that is totally customized to the individual and will be automatically updated on a daily basis. 

 Information  is then automatically pulled into the dashboard, including:

  • The key contacts and managers at target companies, that  are then cross referenced against the job seekers social networking accounts to identify relationships that will allow job seekers more direct access to opportunities. 
  • Job boards and corporate sites are scanned by web spiders and mining software so that all job listings at the target companies are auto- populated into the candidates dashboard on a daily basis.
  • News events associated with a candidates target companies are then pushed to individuals on a daily basis.  This could include, new contracts, expansion plans, new product launches, earnings releases and other events that can signal hiring events as well as catalyze a communication strategy between the candidate and the target company.

3)      Job Search Radar also allows candidates to identify best-fit recruiters for their search.  Our database of over 20,000 recruiters can be sorted by industry, job title, and/or geographic information. These recruiters fill hundreds of thousands of jobs per year.

4) Job Search Radar’s log in dashboard is effectively a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system.  However in the context of job search we think it might be better referred to as a personal networking dashboard.  The system centrally organizes the entire job search process.

Statistics vary on how new jobs are found, but the best available data suggests job boards represent a very small percentage of actual placements.  That means the overwhelming number of new hiring occurs through networking.  Job Search Radar is the best networking tool ever created. By consolidating all the information necessary for successful networking and targeting, individuals will find work faster!

Career Brander now offers a fully integrated brand launchpad as well as  highly sophisticated job networking technology, all controlled within our “ad free” portal.

We will be sharing more about Job Search Radar and new expanded functionality in the months ahead.


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