Career Networking

The Holiday season is upon us and with it comes an endless “to do” list,  year-end reflections and more social commitments than any other time of the year.  Some people embrace the season, while others feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately most comapnies are also winding down interviews and filling new position until after the new year.

However, is there ever a better time to network than the Holidays?

No there is not. This is it, the chance to leverage your social contacts to open up new doors for next year.  For those in career transition, it is time to seize the moment.  

If you are in career transition, here are 12 things you should  do this holiday season.

  1. Attend as many social and holiday events as possible.
  2. Bring a highly positive attitude when attending these events.
  3. Mingle as much as possible with people you can not easily get on to see at other times of the year.
  4. Be social, have fun, but be sure to make or reestablish a few contacts.
  5. Emphasize how helpful people are being during your career transition.
  6. Ask people about their jobs and their company’s growth plans.
  7. Ask people about the companies they compete with.
  8. Ask people what trade groups or other organizations they belong to and are they beneficial.
  9. Tell people you are currently in transition considering what you want to do next with your career.
  10. Tell people you would love to have to a cup of coffee in the new year to learn more about their company.
  11. Tell people, in no more than a few sentences, the direction you may be looking to take your career.
  12. Be thankful for your friends, your family and the health of your loved ones.

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