Resume review

Resumes remain the central document in terms of job search.  A resume serves as a brief summary of an individuals work history and accomplishments.  It is critical for every job seeker to have series of targeted resumes stored in a well-organized fashion ready for deployment at any time.

Almost weekly, I am asked to review someones resume and offer advice. As I read, I ask myself numerous questions.  Below I have highlighted a portion of my personal check list.  Read your resume, ask yourself these questions, and give yourself a resume evaluation. (or ask a friend to do the same after first reading this resume check list.)

  • Is the document visibly appealing  with proper white space?
  • Is it clear what your  first choice is for their next job/position?
  • Do you make a case as to why they are qualified for that job/position in the first few bullet points or sections?
  • Do you repeat yourself?
  • Is your resume organized in a logical manner?
  • Do the data points from your past support your candidacy for the desired position?
  • Are their too many irrelevant historical details included or put differently, are you striking a proper balance between quality and quantity?
  • Are their typographical errors?
  • Are you embracing keywords?
  • Does the resume match your online identity, albeit: Facebook, Zoom Info, Google or LinkedIn?
  • Does the resume “sell to the needs of the hiring manager” or is it a pure “personal historical review”?
  • Do you believe the resume will stand out from others applying for the position?

Start building your resume repository today.


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