Finding Jobs Online

How do individuals prospect for work on the Internet? [ ] recently surveyed job seekers to learn about Internet job search behavior.  Two thirds of all respondents indicated they spend time on the leading job boards. 

 Specific to the survey, the top 4 sites used were:  Monster 63%,  Career Builder 57%,  Hot Jobs 34% and  Craigs List 31%.  This correlates directly to the idea that despite there being as many as 10,000 job boards on the Internet, the largest sites still dominate consumer traffic.

Interestingly, studies have shown that only 10-15% of all jobs are filled through job boards. 

 So why are so many job seekers spending time on job boards?  The answer is multi-faceted.

  1. Job boards market and advertise like crazy and thus they are always front of mind. Do you realize three different job boards had Super Bowl ads last year?
  2. It’s easy to do.  Simply sit at home and surf  The Net!  It is the path of least effort.
  3. To the credit of most job boards, there is a lot of interesting career transition content on these sites.
  4. The consumer is not educated to the idea that most jobs are not ever filled through job boards.  They are still operating under the guise that Job Boards are today’s newspaper and newspapers are where you find jobs.

Out recommendation to those in career transition:  If  job boards successfully match candidates to jobs 10-15% of the time, they, at most, deserve 10-15% of your job seeking time.  Take the other 85-90% of your time and tap into the hidden job market.  How do you find the hidden job market?  By researching and networking through companies that would fit your personal targeted hiring profile


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