Self Branding

Several years ago, Tom Peters said, “The idea of self branding is not optional in today’s insecure world of commerce”.

As is typical of brilliant business people with vision, Peters was identifying a major emerging trend as it was still in its infancy.

Today, we are well into the adoption curve of self branding as a category that is studied, debated, deconstructed and reconstructed with “how to” books by the dozens. The idea of self branding is becoming even more critical than ever. As the world changes more rapidly, company and technology life cycles are getting shorter.   These shorter cycles create increased career turnover for individuals.   Thus, individuals must always be managing their personal brand. They must constantly be preparing for their next transition. 

Do you have your personal brand plan in order?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself as you think through your personal brand positioning:

  • How do you let the world know about your skills, your interests and your expertise?  How can you expand this communication?
  • Have you thought about your dream job in terms of specific companies, positions and functions?  Have you been proactive in positioning and targeting for that job?
  • Do you have a plan as to how to reach decision makers at these companies? 
  • Do you belong to the right associations and groups so your expertise is known?
  • Does the information found on the Internet match your desired personal brand positioning?
  • In a brief conversation are you prepared to convey your expertise in a validated manner?

These are only a subset of questions that an individual should be asking and answering for themselves. Be confident that your personal branding plan is, actively and passively, positioning “the perception of you” to the right audience. You will probably have a lot more jobs in your lifetime than you may think.


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