The bikini and the number one beach activity


An atoll is a coral reef that forms an almost complete circle around a lagoon. Perhaps the world’s most famous atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean near the  Marshall Islands .  It is called Bikini Atoll.  It is famous because in 1946 the first nuclear bomb was detonated there leaving nothing but bare ground in its wake.  In 1947 Bikini Atoll became famous for a different explosion when a new “all revealing” and “almost bare”, skimpy two piece bathing suit was unveiled in the French Riviera.  The bikini.

The bikini? Isn’t this a career marketing blog? Yes it is.

The choice to wear a bikini to the beach is not natural selection for many. The idea of showing so much of their body is uncomfortable,  yet it can be attention getting.  Career marketing is quite similar. For most people you need to expose much more of yourself than is naturally comfortable.  However, if you do it correctly, you will get attention.  Hiding to much or staying hidden simply stated, may hinder moving your career forward.

Sure, some are folks can naturally put on a bikini with no issue and expose a flawless body, but let’s be honest, it’s the minority of folks.  For good career marketing, we would argue one needs to put on a bikini rather than a one piece, a cover up and then wrapping yourself in a towel under a large umbrella with sun glasses.  You need to be seen, and you should control, how you are seen, through carefully planned personal marketing.

Lesson #1 You must put yourself out there. Wear a bikini.








We debated adding a Borat bikini picture, but we thought we would spare the readership. Click here if you want to see it.

So besides men looking at women and women looking at men, what is the number one beach activity?


Why is this pertinent to job search and career marketing?

Because everyone focused on career marketing should be reading a lot.  They should be reading trade magazines, newspapers, career blogs, technology blogs, association newsletters,company websites and press releases.  Reading  provides you with perspective and information to access the hidden job market.  Answers abound. Which companies are growing?  What are some areas where companies need help? What are the new emerging technologies?  What are people buying? What are they not buying? What are people interested in?  Who is opening new factories or signing new leases for more space? Who is rolling out a new product line?  Who has record earnings?  Where are venture capitalists investing?  All these tidbits of information provide clues to your next great career opportunity. The real job market is not on job boards, but in reading numerous sources and connecting the dots.

You may not be aware, but the worlds most successful business man, Warren Buffet, claims reading periodicals and corporate reports several hours a day is critical to his business success!

Lesson #2  Read everything.  It will help you identify needs and opportunities.


1 Response to “The bikini and the number one beach activity”

  1. 1 dcoley October 16, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    The bikini reference caught my attention and I like it! You have to put yourself out there in order to generate interest- which will lead to more calls, more interviews etc.

    I will share this with my career Tweeps.

    Marci Reynolds
    CEO, J2B Marketing

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