Career Marketing Two Step Program

We all have a personal brand.  The question is, what are you doing to manage it? 

Virtually everyone we meet  has a pre-conceived notion of who we are, based on pieces of information they receive before the meeting.  The information could be as subtle as; Did you spell check your introductory email? or as powerful as; an extremely strong endorsement from a friend or associate you have in common.  For this reason, when in job search mode, it is critical to take control of your career marketing.  Here is a two step plan:

1) Build professional packaging that delivers a clear, consistent value message.  This  includes a well conceived set of materials  to introduce ourselves and utilize as touch point communications thereafter.

2) Become visible. This can only be properly established through a comprehensive plan that includes multiple networking and communication channels.  

Politicians are constantly career marketing to help shape their personal brand.  Clearly, some execute better than others.



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