Tag Lines Part 2

How and why would you use a tag line on a personal level?

To make a lasting impression.  If you create a successful tag line people will remember “who you are, what you do and what you are an expert at.”

If you think about it, when employed, your job title immediately serves as a personal tag line.  If someone has the title Vice President of Customer Service you have a pretty good idea who they are, what they do and what they are an expert at.  So conversely, an individual in career transition needs a some sort of title to help describe who they are.

A quick review of my LinkedIn connections shows the following tag lines:

Public Relations and Communications Professional, Experienced Tech CFO, Sales & Service Professional, HR Professional, Readbaility Expert, and Talent Acquisition Manager.

Each of these, in there own way, helps explain to a potential hiring manager who these people are and where they might fit in an organization.

For someone in career transition, I recommend using these in tag lines in several places:

1. On your business card

2. On your electronic business and/or email signature line.

3. On your LinkedIn profile. (a neat trick is to add your tag line in your name field. Just make sure it is not so long theat it overlaps your picture.)

4. On your personal website.

It is important to note, a good tag line, requires a commitment of time.  Just the act of a developing a tag line is not the final answer.  Getting people you interact with to relate to remember your tag line is something that requires re-enforcement.

The whole job search process and application process is designed for convenience of the hiring manager. You have a limited time frame to stand out and be memorable.  A tag line that shows your value helps.


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