Resume Builder

Why do you need a Resume Builder?   What should it do?    How do you decide which one to use?

A superior Resume Builder should accomplish several tasks that can be difficult for the average computer user. Here is our top 10 list of features that every Resume Building system should achieve.

1. The interface must be highly intuitive and require no training.

 2. It must offer templates and features to allow for professional formatting even with neophyte desk top publishing skills.

3. The Resume Building system must allow for customization and not be 100% template driven.

 4. The system should allow for the easy “versioning” for the creation of multiple targeted resumes.

5. The Resume Builder should allow for storage of unlimited variations

6. The system should have basic tips on writing core sections with examples from a certified resume writing professional.

7. A Resume Builder must allow for the storage of multiple versions of an individual’s resume.

8. Moving sections within the Resume should be a single click function.

9. It must allow for easy output to Word, RTF, PDF and HTML.

10. The software must allow for totally private storage of an individual’s personal information. (Many Internet based Resume Building systems capture personal data for reselling to third parties.)

There are hundreds of Resume Building systems available. If you are considering using one, put it through this 10 point test. Failure to meet any one of these criteria may leave you with a less than satisfied outcome. If a website offers free distribution of your resume, mark this as a red flag. Resumes are one of the key elements of an individual’s personal marketing plan when in career transition. Resumes need to convey strong messages in a 15 second review, but also convey a complete work history as well. Remember, today most resumes are read first by Applicant Tracking Software and then by a hiring manager. With thousands of resumes being submitted for every open position, your resume must be professionally organized.


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