Why have a personal website?

Why have a personal website?

The answer to this is multi-faceted. 

A few facts and observations:

  • Everyone already has an Internet presence that is sending others a message about them.  It happens because there are websites and businesses whose entire focus is to aggregate data about individuals. Even if individuals have not joined an Internet based social network, they are on the web!  A personal website is core to On-line Identity Management. (OIM) It serves as a centralized place to host your messages about your interests, career and goals.
  • Studies have shown that web search is now used over 80% of the time when learning about an individual.
  • An on-line survey by a major Internet job site found that recruiters eliminate approximately 1/3 of the potential candidates for a job strictly based on Internet research.
  • One of the Internet’s fastest growing segments is social networking sites.  You’ve heard of them: Bebo, Facebook, Friendster and My Space to name, but a few. They offer tremendous utility, but they also homogenize people into “like” communities. 
  • Many social web sites, resume writers, and job recruiters all want individuals to condense their life and career experiences into one page.  Sound bites if you will. Can one page really deliver the message as to who you are? What you enjoy and excel at? Wouldn’t it be better to have the ability to truly control your personal brand and express yourself? 
  • Pictures, Graphics and samples of one’s work can easily be incorporated into web sites to offer a comprehensive view of individuals.  A personal website can simplify your life.  It provides a centralized, controlled platform to update people on your life, your accomplishments and your goals.  It serves as a portal to aggregate your personal data in the words you desire, in the format you choose. Effectively you have control of your Personal Marketing!
  • A personal website is not constantly “mined” by firms and individuals looking to sell you products, services or even resell your personal information!
  • A URL containing your name expands your personal brand.
  • Just by having a personal website you send a message to potential employers that you are technically savvy and know how to leverage the Internet for success.
  • Through a personal website you can easily password protect sensitive data.
  • By having a personal website, individuals can drive people to their site, just like companies market to consumers or other businesses.
  • Personal websites allow individuals to track activity on their site.
  • It’s incredibly easy to create a personal website, with minimal time and virtually no technical skill. 

Creating a personal website has never been easier. 

It’s time to create yours. Centralize, simplify and take personal control.


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